The Artisanal Analysis – How to Bring Life Back to Your Café’s Coffee

22 Jun, 2018

Nobody wants to stand between an exhausted person and a good cup of coffee.

Running a café, you aren’t just a business owner; you are an important part of many morning routines. This, coupled with the competition of Melbourne’s thriving coffee culture, should demonstrate the pressure you’re under to deliver an exceptional caffeinated experience for every customer.

Unlike bars, which can often thrive whilst prioritising atmosphere over the drinks themselves, cafés are judged primarily on their coffee. So, in other words, lackluster coffee in a competitive market is likely going to spell a quick end to your caffeine conquest. So, if you’re looking to improve the quality of your flagship beverage, we’re here to help.

At Funktion Hospitality, we’ve spent the last decade supplying high-quality printed coffee cups and hospitality supplies to Melbourne’s top cafés, bars, restaurants, and more. So, if you’re in the hospitality industry and looking to rejuvenate your customer experience, Funktion Hospitality is an excellent first step. Let’s get into it.

Printed Coffee Cups

Alright, this may seem like a strange place to start, but bear with me. There are a sizeable amount of research and studies that suggest a strong link between sight and taste. In other words, how we perceive flavour can be strongly influenced by our other senses; primarily sight and smell.

Because of this, café owners need to consider how their coffee is perceived by the customer at first glance. A cheap, unappealing cup can easily devalue your product in the eyes of a consumer, even if said coffee is of the utmost quality. Therefore, while it may seem like a peculiar thing to consider when looking to benefit the caffeinated customer experience, high-quality printed coffee cups can have a wider impact than you may think.

As an added bonus, printed coffee cups give you a chance to bolster the perception of your brand with consistent aesthetic cues between your business and its takeaway supplies. Printed coffee cups also act as a way for customers to take your branding with them, allowing for your business’ name to make its way far from the confines of your storefront.

Now, let’s get into some more coffee-centric considerations.

Troubleshooting Thin, Watery Espresso

Thin, watery, and oily; three adjectives that don’t tend to bode well for a cup of coffee. As we discussed in our first article, “The Daily Grind – Offering Customers More Than Just a Caffeine Hit”, the roasting date of your coffee beans is going to have an enormous impact on your coffee quality.

While we mainly focused on the flavour difference between fresh and stale beans, another aspect that can be affected is viscosity. This viscous texture is the sign of a good espresso shot, and if your beans were roasted over three weeks ago, it’s likely that much of this textural potential is lost.

Another factor that can influence this is how firmly your ground beans are packed. Not to get into Barista 101, but if your grinds have been packed too loosely before being placed into your machine, you’re likely to get a watery, gritty cup o’ joe.

A Lack of Crema

A good crema (the layer of light-coloured foam that forms atop an espresso shot) is often the aesthetic marker for a well-made cup of coffee. So, if your machine isn’t producing a healthy crema, it’s likely a sign that something is not quite right.

Surprisingly, this can often be a sign that your beans are too fresh. If your beans haven’t had enough time to settle after roasting, it can lead to a less impressive brew. So, keep that in mind when you’re getting ready to wow your customers.

A Consistent Burnt Taste

Now, for the most pressing issue. You’ve got your printed coffee cups, you’ve got your perfectly settled, fresh beans, and yet customers are still leaving with a bad taste in their mouths. If this is the case, it’s best not to jump to the conclusion that your machine is broken. In truth, most problems are caused by dirty coffee machines, rather than broken parts.

By cleaning your machine at the end of each day, and performing a full clean at the end of each month, you should see an immediate increase in quality.


The creation of coffee can be seen as exceedingly simple or hugely complex depending on your dedication to the craft. While the difference between an average cup of coffee and an artisanally-crafted roasting experience may seem slight, but your customers will appreciate it, even if they’re not fully aware of why.

If you’re looking to update your café’s customer experience with a range of premium printed coffee cups and hospitality supplies at wholesale prices, contact Funktion Hospitality today!