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The Craft of Cutlery – What Your Hospitality Supplies Say About Your Business

27 Jan, 2018

Anyone who eats at restaurants regularly is likely to have an internal list tallying the good, the bad, and the ugly in regard to their culinary experiences. This can be for a wide array of reasons, whether you had excellent service or a poorly-cooked piece of chicken. Whatever it may be, this should send a message to restaurant owners.

People notice.

Although some things will be more important than others, every area of your business may be the one that makes or breaks a customer’s experience. One of the most important factors that often goes unconsidered is hospitality supplies. But why? What is it about your napkins, plates, or coffee cups that you could be doing better?

Well, that’s what we’re here to discuss today. Let’s take a deep dive into how your hospitality supplies reflect on your business.


Handheld Ambassadors

Whilst that heading may seem a little over-the-top, it’s true. Especially for businesses that offer takeaway food or coffee, your hospitality supplies are the things that customers will be taking with them, far from the confines of your front door. So, if your takeaway containers are a broken, unpleasant mess, that’s how people in the outside world will be introduced to your business.

Alternatively, a beautiful cornucopia of delicious treats is going to entice new people to test their taste buds with your service. They say the first bite is with the eye, and that’s absolutely true, even if that first bite is into a stylish cardboard takeaway box.


The Boons of Branding

Following on from the previous point, your hospitality supplies are an excellent chance to let people know about your business. At Funktion Hospitality, we offer an expansive range of branded hospitality supplies for this exact reason. Think about advertisements you’ve seen across the last twenty years, and the one constant that has been and will likely always be there is people enjoying the product being promoted. There’s a clear reason for this.

To put it simply, people are much more likely to trust something that they’ve already seen other individuals enjoy. So, if you have a stellar product with a clearly defined, tasteful logo on it, it’s really a win-win. Just remember not to go overboard with the advertorial nature of your branded takeaway supplies. An eye-catching symbol with the name of your brand is going to do a lot better than a promotional deal that takes up the entire circumference of your container.


The Call for Consistency

As we’ve spent this entire article writing about your presence in the outside world, I think it’s time that we look inward. After all, the dine-in experience is the flagship service of most restaurants. A restaurant, as with any business that has a physical retail location, needs to create a concrete ambiance to define itself. Whether that’s as blunt as a “50s Diner Theme” cafe, or a 5-star culinary experience for those that prefer the lap of luxury, it’s important that your hospitality supplies reflect that.

In the end, when you’re designing a dine-in restaurant, you’re selling an experience. If that experience is inconsistent, with a $150 meal being brought out on low-quality, mismatched plates, people will pay attention. By having every supply consistent and matching, you allow your customers to truly buy into the affair that is being curated from them.


Are you looking to update your hospitality supplies? With an exceptional range of premium products at wholesale prices, Funktion Hospitality has been supplying Australian businesses with the tools they need to succeed for over a decade. Contact us today!