The First Bite is With the Eye – The Benefits of Branded Takeaway Supplies

09 May, 2018

Takeaway Supplies

As difficult as it can be sometimes, a hospitality business relies on more than just its culinary delights to maintain an audience. When we think of fast food giants like McDonald’s, or more underground successes, such as Staple Providore and Càfe in St Kilda and Grand Trailer Park Taverna in the CBD, there is an association that comes far before the first bite.

For Staple Providore and Càfe, there is a distinct air of style, class and sophistication, even for those that haven’t stepped through the door. Grand Trailer Park Taverna presents a nostalgic, personal and instantly recognisable brand. To relate this to the topic at large: The things that surround your meal or coffee are almost as important as the item listed on the menu itself. Therefore, having exceptionally high-quality branded takeaway supplies will put your customer’s experience in an entirely different field to those that go for the lesser-quality alternatives. Let’s take a look at why that is.


The Question of Quality Takeaway Supplies

Take away coffee cups - Staples Takeaway Supplies

Imagine, if you will, purchasing a takeaway coffee from the most exclusive cafe in your city. You’ve been there several times before, you adore their presentation and food in equal measure, and you want to take some of that experience with you.

In the past, when I’ve done this personally, I’ve had very mixed experiences. Sometimes, I will be greeted with a lovely, well-built takeaway box that has been delicately packed and placed; making me feel even more excited about the meal ahead. Other times, however, I have been given a generic, flimsy plastic container that is practically bursting at the seams.

While it may seem picky to put too much stock in how a takeaway meal looks, it’s how customers think. Most people will have a very delicate gauge for whether they’ve spent their money wisely, and the less effort you put in to ensure a wonderful experience, the less likely they are to talk about your business favourably. Low-quality packaging can devalue your meal in the eyes of your customers, and given that most takeaway businesses thrive on word of mouth and repeat business that can cause some serious problems.

On the more positive side of things, high-quality branded takeaway supplies work in two ways:

   1.  They provide your customers with a visual experience that feels worthy of their money.
   2. They remind your customers, as well as those around them, of who was behind this mouthwatering array.

One example to illustrate this point in action is Japanese yogurt company Crema D’or. While they may not be in the realm of takeaway food, this yogurt brand does everything in its power to justify being the most expensive yogurt in the world. Ingredients aside, this yogurt comes in a tastefully-printed mason jar, which is then packaged in a jewelry box and wrapped in gold streaked black ribbon.

Whilst I’m not suggesting that every local takeaway restaurant steps up their branded takeaway supplies to that level, it brings up a question: Would anyone take this yogurt seriously if it were in a normal tub? Aesthetics are so important when creating an eating experience, and if you’re looking for returning customers, it’s vital that you put in the effort.


Word on the Street

As mentioned earlier, most food vendors, cafes, bars, and restaurants rely on word of mouth as their main source for advertising. However, word of mouth means quite a lot more than people talking about your meals. Having observers see someone enjoying and appreciating your meal is a fantastic way to get their taste buds twitching, and branded takeaway supplies are an excellent way to point them in the right direction.

Not only that, when done well, they also give potential customers an insight into what they can expect from your establishment. People are drawn to things that they can understand and relate to, so designing your takeaway supplies with this in mind is a great way to get your food in front of those that would be most interested. They say the first bite is with the eye, and it’s your job to make it as appetising as possible.


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