Takeaway Supplies – Preparing for Grand Final Day

25 Sep, 2018

It’s almost time…

With the end of September hot on our heels and spring in full bloom, food vendors and restaurants across Melbourne are getting ready to take on the cavalcades of excited customers that comes with Grand Final Day. Although this is a fantastic time for businesses, with over 100,000 punters on their way to the MCG and thousands more experiencing the action in bars, clubs and at home throughout Melbourne, there’s a lot to prepare for.

At Funktion Hospitality, we’ve been providing high-quality takeaway supplies to businesses across Melbourne for over 10 years. That means that’s we’ve also helped hundreds of bars, cafes, restaurants and hotels across 9 Grand Finals, and with the 10th on the horizon, it’s time to prepare. So, let’s get into why business owners need to start thinking about their takeaway supplies.

Is Your Business Ready?

Naturally, with an influx of additional customers flooding into your store comes an increased need for takeaway supplies. This can leave ill-prepared vendors struggling to keep up with the growing demands of hungry footy fans. Plus, with most retailers and manufacturers of takeaway supplies closing for Grand Final Day, those that don’t have the tools they need prepared are going to have a very difficult time finding assistance.

That’s where Funktion Hospitality comes in! Right now, we are helping businesses get ready for the bustling crowds with an expansive array of premium takeaway supplies at wholesale prices. From disposable coffee cups to cleaning supplies, Funktion Hospitality provides an expansive array of hospitality supply options year-round.

Why Upgrade Your Takeaway Supplies for Grand Final Day?

This massive influx of new customers gives you a fantastic chance to make a great first impression with potential new customers. So, you want to make sure that you’re giving them an experience to remember, and not for the wrong reasons. By providing your customers with high-quality branded takeaway supplies, you’re not just giving them a fantastic culinary experience, you’re also getting your brand out there in a very real, tangible way.

Funktion Hospitality offers a range of stylish branded takeaway supply options to make sure that your business is front and centre. Plus, a large portion of our hospitality supplies are 100% biodegradable; ensuring that your extra customers don’t have to mean extra environmental impact.


Grand Final Day is a fantastic time of year for businesses and footy fans alike. If you’re looking to revitalise your restaurant, bar, or cafe with high quality hospitality supplies, contact us today to learn more.