Setting The Bar High: Bar Supplies and The Customer Experience

21 Aug, 2018

What comes to mind when you think of a bar? In Melbourne, we’ve almost become spoilt for choice when it comes to incredible bar experiences. So, if you’re looking to make it as a bar owner in Melbourne, every part of your customer experience, from your bar supplies to your staff, needs to be flawless.

At Funktion Hospitality, we have been providing Melbourne’s thriving nightlife with premium bar supplies for over a decade. So, to help you learn the art of bar management, let’s delve into the importance of exceptional bar supplies in crafting the perfect customer experience.

The Aesthetic Touch

From decor to drinks menu, all of the most popular bars in the city run with a theme or vibe they’re looking to create. This may not be quite as on-the-nose as “anime bar” or “e-sports bar”. Rather, it is more often than not an emotion or feeling that the owner is looking to curate for guests. Regardless of which aesthetic you’re trying to go for, one thing is certain: cheap cutlery and murky glasses aren’t going to do you any favours.

Most customers are going to come into your bar and expect a certain level of class or service. If you’re providing them low-quality bar supplies in return for their hard-earned cash, it’s hard for them to feel like they’ve received that standard of service.

Bar Supplies Need to Funktion

Even in a shabby chic establishment, low-quality bar supplies are inevitably going to take away from the experience, for customers and employees alike. A lot of different moving parts go into creating cocktails and more complicated beverages, and if your bartenders don’t have the tools they need, their work will unnecessarily suffer.

Even aside from simply creating the cocktail, a drink can only look as good as the container it’s placed in. The phrase “the first bite is with the eye” isn’t just a clever cliche, it’s a major part of the culinary experience. While the chemical makeup of Merlot is the same regardless of its serving method, there’s a distinct difference between sipping it from a wine glass and drinking it from a low-quality plastic cup. By buying high-quality bar supplies, you’re not just updating your bar’s look, you are altering the perception of your food and beverages in the eyes of your customers.

The Art of Amenities

Bar supplies don’t stop at the counter. With bar bathrooms effectively synonymous with discomfort and squalor, it’s easy to see that many bar owners don’t see them as a high priority. Because of this, simply having a comprehensive range of cleaning products can put you above and beyond most other bars and clubs in your area.

Your bathrooms are often the first and last experience your customers will have, and so you should consider them as part of creating a good first impression. No matter how delicious the meal, or how vast the drink menu, a poorly-stocked, poorly-maintained bathroom can sour a bar experience immediately. So, ensure that you have a sizeable stock of hand soapstoilet papercleaning materials, and anything else that your customers could desire. It may cost a little more, but it’s a smaller price to pay than having no recurring customers.


Running a successful bar is always going to be difficult and complicated, but with high-quality bar supplies, you’re taking the first step toward heavenly hospitality. If you’re looking for an affordable, easy way to update your culinary arsenal, contact Funktion Hospitality today!